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Online Personal Training

Take your Personal Trainer with you wherever you go. You have the perks of a hired Personal Trainer at the tips of your fingers; we are here to guide you and help you towards your commitments, hold you accountable for your workouts, and ensure you are executing proper technique. 


Help Increase Your Immune System by increasing your fitness levels at home!




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Taking Personal Training on the GO

When the Pandemic hit and gyms were forced to close, Personal Trainer and Owner of IMPACTT FITNESS llc, Aric Sperling,  knew that people's health & fitness could not stop. Your health should be even more of a priority now than ever. Clients were forced to turn their home into their gym, or utilize their outside elements as means for exercise, which is amazing! A lot of people didn't know where to begin, so we decided to take the thought process completely out of it and started programming our client's workouts for them, just as we did in person! Utilizing whatever equipment you have, we ensure that your health and wellness commitments never seize to stop.  

We will sit down together (in person or over the phone/email) to find out exactly what it is you want and most importantly need in order to project yourself in the direction of your future self. We will determine what types and frequency of workouts are right for you. We do not use templates for every client, every workout program is specifically designed for YOU.

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