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Meet the TEAM

Meet the TEAM

Together Everyone Achieves More!


Erin Huntoon

Impactt Group Fitness Leader, Certified Personal Trainer

I started at Impactt in July of 2023. I have been into fitness my entire life. I started running when I was in middle school, and since then running has remained a huge passion of mine. I also started getting involved in various forms of strength training to help with my running, and have been involved with a variety of gyms throughout the years. Since I started training at Impactt I have gotten to know a lot of the members here and they have become like family. I have loved seeing all of them get stronger and more importantly gain confidence in themselves


Bailey Sinclair

Impactt Group Fitness Leader, Certified Personal Trainer

I strive every day to be better not only for myself but for YOU. Currently I am a CPT, working toward being a certified Stretching & Flexibility coach, a Performance Enhancing Specialist, and a Nutrition coach with a background in massage. In the future I aspire to be an impactful trainer in a strong community. I believe finding a way to enjoy training and exercise is the best philosophy. If you enjoy your training, then you will be consistent, if you’re consistent then you will crush your commitments!


Liv Stoddard

Director of Marketing, Facilities Management, Impactt Fitness
Group Leader, Certified Personal Trainer

I started working in a gym in 2019. After a two year break to finish college at GVSU, I came back and now work at Impactt. I’m able to use my degree in marketing to help run all business operations at Impactt Fitness. You can mostly find me behind the front desk or at times out on the floor! I became an ACE CPT (Certified Personal Trainer) in 2020. The members have become an integral part of my life. I am super thankful to be so close with them! I’m blessed to be able to fuel my passion of training others, being a positive force in their life, and use my degree all in one place.


Maria Stoddard

Impactt Group Fitness Leader- Restorative Yoga Instructor

Maria found her way to practicing yoga in 2014 after attending an intensive outpatient group therapy program. Through practicing yoga she found a way to work through years of suppressing mental health pain and numbness. 

Maria has successfully completed over 400 hours of yoga teacher training. She now enjoys a combination practice of yoga and Impactt Fitness. Maria thoroughly enjoys sharing her love of yoga through teaching at a variety of different settings including studios, fitness centers, private lessons, and even beach yoga at a resort in northern Michigan!


Aric Sperling

Owner, Impactt Group Fitness Leader, Certified Personal Trainer

With over a decade of experience in personal training and group coaching, Aric utilizes the platform of health and wellness not just for fitness, but to share and coach his members/clients in the power of mindset. Aric believes that people can achieve the life and results they desire by starting with their mindset and shifting the way they think, feel, and act. Impactt is an acronym that stands for,

Intentionally Motivating, Persevering, And Committing To Training

**Any cancellation requests please send to our email with your full name and reason for cancellation and we will be in contact!**

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