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3 Hacks to stay motivated about your fitness routine

Almost a full year into a pandemic (crazy.. a year right?) I am sure by now most of you have settled into a fitness routine, maybe even the lack of. With our gyms closing down, opening back up, closing back down, and again opening.. our routines have been thrown into a tail spin. Inconsistent, not the same as it "used" to be, you name it.

You may have been working out at home by this point, and if so, please take a moment to pat your self on the back because we all know how difficult it is to workout from home. Great job. You may have even switched fitness facilities from the original place you began your fitness journey, again give yourself a moment to applaud yourself.

In this blog I want to target those who have been doing what they need to do in order to continue on their health and fitness journey, but may be finding themselves in a slump in regards to motivation. Below I list 3 easy hacks to sprucing up your routine at home:

  1. Assess your Environment : Where are you working out at? This is crucial to figure out. Are you trying to work out in your living room on your tv? You're probably finding that very difficult to accomplish, do you know why? Your body is so used to associating this location with relaxing, family time, entertainment, etc. It is not used to associating it with the rigors of exercising, so right off bat this becomes difficult to achieve and a habit that will be very difficult to get to stick for the long term.

  2. Change your Environment: Instead of working out in your living room, simply relocate yourself! Take your workouts to another room, to your basement, out in the garage, outside even! It's crazy what a simple switch can do to our motivation. This is why it's so much easier to get out of the house and workout at a gym, right? But, don't let that discourage you if you are not going back to the gym, simply revamp your workout space at home! Designate an area to your workout routine, and that only. Call a friend and see if you guys can switch on and off going to each others homes to workout or even meet at a local park.

  3. Reorganize your Environment: Have you ever moved your living space around to awaken the energy in the room? Switched around your couches, chairs, etc and it made it feel like a completely new space? Repainted? It changes the entire energy doesn't it?! We can do this to our workout space as well. Such a simple thing to do, take some time to move your equipment around to a different spot. Move your dumbbells to the other side of the room, move your yoga mat to a different spot on the floor. Anything to shake up the old routine and old habits to create new ones. Try doing this every month or even weekly if you need to!

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